Mayor of Achrafieh Pierre SadakaThe G.C. Daher DibThe G.M. Bechara Tabet
V.M. Samir AntounDeputy Ghassan Mekheiber & W.M. of G.O.CBusiness man Toni Nehme & his wife
The G.C. Boghos AramianDoctor Khalil HamadeMaster Boghos Kordayan
Business man Nicolas SehnawiThe Stewarts Albert Karbochian & Rafi Khirimian Salut the Lebanese AnthemDoctor Ardashes Simonian
Master Raymond AboudMaster Mohamad Fayad & his wifeThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & V.M.of Grand Orient De Canaan
Master Victor AounJudge Elie Beghazi & his wifeMaster Sako Sakayan
The G.M. Joseph ChehwanThe G.C. Raymond BatanianV.M.Antoine Bou Lahoud
V.M. Jean RaffoulMrs.TabbahSheikh Walid Tabbah
The Lebanese Grand OrientThe G.C.Joseph Abou Zahra & brother Ahmad El HossMr. Mohamad Saadieh president of the Federation of Municipalities of Al Dinieh
Major General George Karaa & his wifeThe G.M. Maroun Massoud & V.M. Michel MasaadPresident of Majd movement Master Hussein Minkara
The Master of ceremony V.M. Khodor HousamiThe Sovereign Grand Commander of Grand Orient De Canaan gives his speechShields holders
Standing for the national anthem and the anthem of the Grand Orient De Canaan
The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra present a shield to the Deputy Ghassan MekheiberThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra present a shield to the Deputy Shant JinjinyanThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra present a shield to the judge Elie Bekhazi
The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra present a shield to the business man Toni NehmeThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra the deputy Shant Jinjinyan the Master Bernard Hobeika & his fiance PetyThe deputy Shant Jinjinyan The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the business man Toni Nehme
Guests of Doctor Ardashes SimonianThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra the Judge Elie Bekhazi the president of the united municipalities of Al Dinieh Mohamad Saydieh and Master Maher BakirGuests of Sheikh Walid Tabbah
Guests of Sheikh Walid TabbahGuests of V.M. Antoine Bou LahoudThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra toasts the Judge Elie Bekhazi & his wife
The G.C. toasts the Major General George Karaa & the business man Toni NehmeThe G.C. & The V.M. of Grand Orient De Canaan toast the deputy Shant JinjinyanThe G.C. Joseph Abou zahra & the G.C. Antoine Saleh
V.M. Jean RaffoulThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the G.C. Raymond BatanianThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the deputy Ghassan Mekheiber
The V.M. Samir AntounThe G.M. Bechara TabetThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the G.C. Daher Dib
The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the G.C. Boghos AramianNabil Kahale, Ardashes Simonian and the deputy ShantThe G.C. & the deputy Shant Jinjinyan & Sin El Fil Municipality president Nabil Kahale
The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & the Business man Nicola SehnawiGuests of M. Bernard HobeikaGuests of V.M. Fouad hayek
Guests of Master George AntounBrothers Joseph Habib, George Akel & Jack MorkosThe G.C. & the Mayor Pierre Sadaka
Guests of the Lebanese Grand OrientMaster Chadi Jawhari and his family, sister Bahia Maktabi and her husband Housam

The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & president of Majd Movement Hesein Minkara

The G.C. with the G.M. of the Lebanese Grand OrientMrs. Rima Minkara & the G.C. Joseph Abou ZahraGuests of the V.M. Nabil Eid and his brothers of Al Khouloud Lodge
Brothers of Al Khouloud Lodge Brothers of Al Khouloud LodgeBrothers of Al Khouloud Lodge
Guests of the engineer Khaled TohmeBrothers of Al Hokamaa LodgeBrothers of Al Hokamaa Lodge
The G.C. toasts the brothers of Al Hokamaa lodgeThe Lawyer Louai Zakaria. Al Hokamaa lodge
Lodge Al Insan # 1Lodge Al Insan #1Guests of the V.M. Khodor Housami
Master Aref Al Zor & Master Habib Maroun,lodge Al HokamaaChabel Abou Zahra, Mrs.Wadad Abou Zahra & sister Rose DaccakGuests of the G.C. adjoint Haizavak Libedjian
Guests of Masters Mohamad Zaghal & Mohamad FayadGuests of Master Victor AounThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra with the V.M of G.O.C.
Guests of Master George Safimasters Sako Sakayan & Garo ChaparianAl Insan #1 lodge
Master Rafi Khirimian & his wifeMasters Albert Karbochian & Harout Arab,lodge Al Inasan # 1Guests of the Mucisian Michael Ashijian
Master Girar Al JamalMajor General & his wife with The G.C. Joseph Abou ZahraThe G.M. Maroun Maroun Masoud
The G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & his wifeThe G.C. with his wife Mrs. Wadad & sister Rose DaccakThe G.M. adjoint Salem Daccak & his wife Rose Daccak
Hay Bar BandV.M. Bedros Raphaelian & his wife Mona
Part of the attendanceBusiness man Nicolas Sehnawi & sister Caroline GehchanMrs. Zaghal & Mrs. Fayad
Part of the attendanceThe deputy Ghassan Mekheiber, Major General George Karaa & Mr. Toni NehmePart of the attendance
The musician Sami SalhabThe G.C. Joseph Abou Zahra & Mrs. Siham Jawhari

Grand Orient De Canaan Annual Celebration 2009
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