Al iftar gather the family of Grand Orient De Canaan

Mrs. Wadad Abou Zahra & Mrs. Rose Daccak

Brother Joseph Abou Zahra & his wife Wadad Abou Zahra

Brother Joseph Abou Zahra & Brother Mohamad El Hassan

Brother Khodor Housamy & his wife Mrs. Rasha Housamy

Brother Haizavag Lebedjian & his wife Mrs. Seta Lebedjian

Bother Maroun Massoud & his wife Mrs. Laudy Massoud

Brother Bedros Raphaelian & Brother George Safi

Brother Samer El Kaisi & Brother Ardashes Simonian

Brother Imad Sultan

Brother Claude Kobersi & his wife

Brother Mohamad Fayad & his wife

Brother Mohamad Zaghal & his wife

Brother Louai Zakaria & his wife Mrs. Rouba Zakaria

Brother Joseph Safi & his wife

Brother Rafi Khrimnian & his wife

Mr. Yousef El Rifai & Mr. Rami El Rifai

Brother Michael Ashjian & Miss Caroline Gehchan

Brother George Khalil & Brother George Safi

Brother of Al Hokama lodge

Mr. Housam El Dani & his wife

Brother Joseph Habib & Brother Rabih Edelbi

Iftar Ramadan 2008 at Grand Orient De Canaan
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