Visit of Deputy Nadi

me Al Gemayel to Grand Orient De CanaanDuring the month of July 2009, Sheikh Nadim Bashir Gemayel, made a private visit to the headquarters of Grand Orient De Canaan, accompanied by his colleagues in the branch of the Phalange Party, Ashrafieh, was warmly received by the President of the Supreme Council, Joseph Abu Zahra

Deputy of the Grand Commander Haizavag Lebidjian Welcome Sheikh Nadime Al GemayelThe Grand Commander Joseph Abou Zahra Welcome Sheikh NadimeHead Of Supreme Council explain to Sheikh Nadime the symbol of the round Table knights
Sheikh Nadim Gemayel speech on the occasionThe G.C. Joseph Abu Zahra presents Medal of Grand Orient De Canaan to Sheikh Nadim Gemayel
Visit of Deputy Nadime Al Gemayel to Grand Orient De Canaan
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